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Tree Crops

A Permanent Agriculture

Tree Crops: A Permanent Agriculture, first published in 1929 and last updated in 1953 (and the edition reprinted here) is a classic, pioneering look at the use of trees for food, soil conservation, and sustainable agriculture. Author J. Russell Smith (1874-1966) travelled widely and shares his insights and research into agro-forestry, describing how trees such as carob, honey locust, persimmon, mulberry, oaks and pecans can be used to enrich the land and the people and animals dependent on it.

Taschenbuch 10/2019


I am an antagonist, usually on the side of the underdog.  I have spent the majority of my life fighting for what I believe is right, whether it is on a personal level or for the public weal.  The direction my life has taken is not what I would have envisioned three decades ago.  There has been something missing for quite a long time…writing.  I have always wanted to write, whether it be political commentary or as an essayist.  I have not always wanted to write fiction.  It was not until my last attempt to grasp the meaning of the Vietnam War that it occurred to me that one way of dealing with that fiasco was to write a novel about my experiences.  The result of that effort is the novel…Longworth.

I am a well-educated (masters degree in intellectual history) middle-aged man who has unfulfilled dreams. Even after having lived in countless locations throughout the world and cherishing many life-altering experiences, there remains a void that I have been unable to fill.  While I think and hope that this literary direction will satisfy that fundamental craving, I have yet to conclude that it has.  I have been told numerous times that I am a captivating speaker, as well as a compelling writer.  While this is my first work of fiction (I have already begun two additional novels, one about a cynical middle-aged man who finds himself merely a cog in the machinery of life and the other a work of science fiction), I have attempted to bring my worldview and my non-fictional biases to focus on this project.  I have created what I believe to be a work that might justifiably be compared to other well-received coming of age novels.  The difference between the standard „coming of age“ novel and mine is the history lesson that accompanies the trip through time.  Hopefully, you will agree that this approach sets this one apart from the rest.




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